Students achieve great results when both they and the teacher believe they are building strong foundations for life. Techambition simplifies the preparation of Cooperative Learning, Flipped Classroom and Peer Instruction.

To give students even more for their future lives.

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Techambition is a handy tool for math teachers at each school.

It covers topics for all grades of secondary school according to the latest curriculum. Recently we are also adding content for primary schools. It helps teachers to incorporate methods that teach students to cooperate, debate and ask questions. Thanks to Techambition, teachers improve the students’ relationship with math lessons, and thus they solve 2x more problems voluntarily.

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Peer Instruction

Teach to listen, debate and admit mistakes.

Students form an opinion for the given task. Techambition chooses suitable concepts for discussion in groups and suggests appropriate arrangement, so the upcoming debate has a flow and the overall differences in understanding the topic decrease.

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Cooperative Learning

Teach to explain, patience and responsibility for others.

Students solve math problems together in small groups. Techambition suggests an effective group arrangement and chooses a facilitator for each step of the lesson. Also, it helps you to motivate individuals so that everyone participates actively.

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Flipped Classroom

Teach to ask, independence and responsibility for oneself.

Students go through new material outside of school and prepare questions. Then at school, they discuss them with classmates and the teacher. Beforehand, Techambition notifies the teacher of problematic parts and recommends visualizations for further explanation.

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Students learn to solve problems, draw solutions and think.

Students independently go through lessons. With every mistake, they get a hint so that each of them has a chance to learn everything they need at their own pace.

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“Techambition is an indispensable tool for everyone, who wants to teach mathematics through discussion instead of memorizing.” img description img description Mgr. Jaroslava Divoká Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering Betlémská in Prague

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