Techambition is a complementary tool for teaching high school mathematics

78 % of schools that tried it included Techambition into their teaching.

See how it works:

So how the Techambition will help with teaching, for example, the inverse function?

Motivation of students

Recommended visualization with an idea how to use it will help to engage and motivate students for self-study. You display it with use of ordinary projector in front of your class.


Lesson includes number of visualizations and interactive tasks. Students will go through the lesson on their tablet or computer, it takes about 10 minutes. They more think than compute.

Recommendations and results

The system evaluates students and identifies problematic principles. It also recommends the visualization to effectively explain these principles during the next class.

In-class teaching

Suggested visualizations are always designed to be familiar to the students. Thanks to their use in class, students will focus on interpretation easier and understand the principles better.

See other examples of lessons and visualizations.

Optimisation of surface of a cylinder
Introduction to histogram
Creation of conic sections
Inverse function

Why try Techambition?

78 %

of schools that tried it included Techambition into their teaching.


grammar schools, technical schools and vocational schools has signed up to Techambition during the school year 2015/2016.


is an average mark given to Techambition by the teachers.

Since 2012 our vision is to fulfil the potential of computer during teaching of mathematics.

Awarded university project

In 2012 project Techambition won the eClub competition of university projects with set of interactive visualizations for university students of physics.

Award for contribution to the education

In 2013 Techambition got an award for its contribution to the education by Google and EduIn in category of new technologies.

Experiences from Stanford

In 2014, we were developing interactive tools for thermodynamics courses at Stanford University. After that experience, we started to build new version focused on data analysis.

Public launch of Techambition

In 2015 the testing of new version was finished and Techambition was launched. First license was sold to Gymnasium of Johannes Kepler in Prague. During first year, nearly 200 schools signed up.

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