Check out some more examples of visualisations. Move with sliders and anything orange.

Sine function with the unit circle
Introduction to histogram
Sum of infinite sequence (example)
Angle between two planes
Variations and combinations without repetition
Optimisation of surface of a cylinder
Creation of conic sections
Inverse function

Visualisations and interactive assignments that connect all aspects of education.

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Thanks to visualisations embedded in online lectures, students explore and learn the principles of math in their natural environment - on the Internet.

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App informs teachers about the results, identifies problematic principles and recommends appropriate visualisations for efficient explanation in class.

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Teaching in school

One visualisation saves time in class for drawing many pictures on the blackboard and also shortens the time for explanation of the discussed principles.

Techambition facilitates the work of teachers and improves the understanding of students.

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Online lessons that allow students to learn by experimenting.

Faster and easier understanding of mathematical principles

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Automatic evaluation of the level of understanding of students.

Saved time for class preparation based on automatic feedback.

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Inovative learning system of mathematics.

Attracting students with pleasant way of teaching dreaded subjects.

Techambition has gone through years of development and testing.

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Award for contribution to education

In 2013 Techambition got an award Eduina for its contribution to the education by Google and EduIn.

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Testing on Stanford University

In 2014, we co-organized thermodynamics courses for PhD students at Stanford University.

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